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The Reflection Method

All Magic Eye books, postcards, etc. are printed with hi-gloss, reflective surfaces so you can use this method to view them. Hey! What a lucky coincidence! Computer screens just happen to have plenty of reflection--no shortage of glare there. You know, it's a real pleasure to be able to finally put that screen glare to some good use.

It's Simple!

  1. Look at the reflection on the surface of the computer monitor. Focus your eyes on the glare, not on the image on the screen.

  2. While holding your focus on the reflection, open up what is commonly called your "peripheral vision." Still focusing your eyes on the glare, notice that the image has changed appearance.

  3. Give your brain and eyes time to organize the 3D information in the image. There is often some lag time before your brain recognizes the 3D shape.

  4. Once you get the image, relax and enjoy.

  5. If you continue to look at the 3D illusion, the stereo effect can increase. The illusion seems deeper and more defined.

A WORD FROM THE CONSCIENTIOUS: The folks at the Stereo Vision Project think this method is "cheating", but admit that it works. The Reflection Method is cheating because it requires a crutch. You could foreverafter be limited to viewing only 3D images that have reflective surfaces.

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