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"You cannot depend on your eyes
when your imagination is out of focus."
Mark Twain

This 3D vision site is sponsored and created by Rachel Cooper, co-author and designer of the popular paperback, Magic Eye: How to See 3D and founder of The Optometrists Network. Find out why Rachel wants to tell you about the wonders and pitfalls of 3D vision.

The 3D Glossary.


Benefits of Seeing 3D.

How to See 3D.

The 3D Art Gallery.
Delightful Candy for your Eyes!


3D Vision Care.

This section has information that pertains to behavioral optometrists or doctors of optometry who perform vision therapy, vision care or eye care services which relate to the following diagnoses/visual functions/organizations or treatments, etc.: lazy eye, accommodative esotropia, esophoria, exophoria, exotropia, exotropic esotropic, hyperphoria, hyperopia, myopia, nearsighted, farsightedness, hypophoria, hyperphoria, hypertropia, prism lenses, anesmetropia, ciliary muscles, near point, far point, lenticular, divergence, ambliopia, opthalmologist, pediatric opthalmologist, vision care, eye care, patching, presbyopia, binocular vision, binocularity, convergence insufficiency, amblyopia, strabismus, behavioral optometry, behavioral optometrists, vision training, visual training, vision therapy, eye exercises, Bates eye exercises, blind in one eye, blindness, blind eye, diplopia, dyplopia, learning disabled, learning disabilities, eye tracking, accommotrac, accommodation, vision improvement, natural vision improvement, fusion, binocular fusion, eyesight, seeing, eye training, double vision, depth perception, seeing double, stereopsis, stereoscopic, some of these optometrists are members of organizations such as College of Optometrists in Vision Development, COVD, OEP, Optometric Extension Program, Baltimore Academy of Behavioral Optometry, BABO, American Optometric Association, AOA, College of Optometry
  • 100s of Success Stories. Read 100s of stories written by kids, parents, and teachers about success with school and reading. Find out about 20/20, lazy eye, double vision, headaches, blurry vision and more!
  • The Stereo Vision Project. Discover the wonders and pitfalls of stereo vision (two-eyed vision). Find out about a serious vision impairment that affects at least one in ten people . . . yet is often ignored.
  • crossed eyes, wandering eyes, wobbly eyes, etc.. An eye doctor explains EVERYTHING about eyes that turn, cross or wander.
  • A large web site with many pages of easy-to-understand information on crossed-eyes, lazy eyes, vision therapy, eye muscle surgery, dyslexia, vision impairments, and much more.
  • Optometrists Network. Optometrists help people gain 3D vision. Large links page, free newsletter, health pages.
  • Directory of Vision Care Providers.

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