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Cross-viewing Stereo Photographs

Stereo photographs are richer and more exciting than regular flat 2D photographs, because the depth dimension gives viewers so much more detail and information. However, if you don't have 24 bit color (millions of colors) on your computer monitor, these photos will dither and you're going to miss out on some of the detail. The 3D's still great, though.

All the stereo photograph choices below are set up for cross-viewing. If you already know how to CROSS-VIEW help yourself and enjoy. Otherwise, you might want to try cross-viewing with The Single Finger Method.

Rust Belt Nostalgia
(JPEG: 18,209 bytes)
© Sheldon Aronowitz

(JPEG: 16,066 bytes)
© Ron Labbe

Temperate Rain Forest
(JPEG: 24,391 bytes)
© Fred Hatt

That Famous Duck
(JPEG: 23,974 bytes)
© Fred Hatt

Lilies and Glass House
(JPEG: 20,498 bytes)
© Fred Hatt

Circus Scene
(JPEG: 25,203 bytes)
© Sheldon Aronowitz

Deep Sands
(JPEG: 23,078 bytes)
© Fred Hatt

Fireman in the Ice
(JPEG: 20,055 bytes)
© Ron Labbe

Fresh Fish
(JPEG: 22,337 bytes)
© S. Aronowitz

Twice 3D
(JPEG: 15,006 bytes)
A 3D photograph of a 3D holograph.
Artist Unknown.

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