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Parallel-viewing Stereo Photographs

All the stereo photographs available below are set up for parallel-viewing. If you already know how to PARALLEL-VIEW (or view Magic Eye stereograms), help yourself and enjoy. Otherwise, you can visit the complete Step-by-Step Guide to Seeing 3D. Or for a quickie lesson, try . . .

The Ticket to Parallel-viewing

Stereo pairs have to be pretty small in order to allow free-viewing with the Parallel Method. The image size limitation is determined by the distance between your two eyes. Your eyes can angle outward only so far. Hmmm, think about it. If you visit the CROSS-VIEWING sections of the 3D Gallery, you'll notice that the stereo images there are larger. That's because your eyes can angle inward much more than outward.

3D Dolly
(JPEG: 9,877 bytes)
© Ron Labbe

Clown Chorus
(JPEG: 20,250 bytes)
© Ron Labbe

Carnival Ride
(JPEG: 16,588 bytes)
© Paul Wing

Stylish Man with Serpent
(JPEG: 16,172 bytes)
© Sheldon Aronowitz

(JPEG: 18,030 bytes)
© Sheldon Aronowitz

(JPEG: 9,720 bytes)
© Ron Labbe

Fireman in the Ice
(JPEG: 9,8277 bytes)
© Ron Labbe

That Famous Duck
(JPEG: 12,858 bytes)
© Fred Hatt

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