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3-D Free Viewing is Vintage Virtual Reality.  Virtual Reality Unplugged!

viewing 3D stereovision illusions with the naked eye and brain
-- no 3-D glasses or virtual reality gear required.

Forget the Fancy Virtual Reality Gear.
Do It with the Naked Eye (and Brain)!

3D stereo viewing of one kind or another has been popular since the nineteenth century.

First, stereoscopes and anaglyphs were our earliest "vintage virtual reality" games. Then, the 20th century brought us Lenticulars, View-Master™, Magic Eye™ stereograms, 3D Movies and Television (with 3D eyeglasses) and more. Now, in the 21st century, we see high-tech 3D, such as Avatar 3D Imax or Virtual Reality systems with 3D headsets and/or hand gear.

Today, you are invited to forget the fancy technology and go back to basics. Here, you can learn to 3D view stereo images with nothing more than your own eyes and brain. Find out what your own biological unit is capable of doing unaided by technology!

The stereo photographs below are set up for free-viewing with the Parallel Method. If you don't know how to free-view yet, visit the complete Step-by-Step Guide at How to See 3D. Or for a quickie lesson, try . . .

The Ticket to Parallel-viewing

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